4 Weeks to Go! What Can YOU Do?

Exactly 4 weeks today the UK’s largest pro-life festival will take place in Birmingham as we remember 50 years of legalised abortion in the UK. Will you be there? Coaches are going from around the UK, click HERE to find your nearest one or there is still time to get a group together from your area/church as many other people have done. We have posters and flyers if you GET IN CONTACT.

I Can’t Believe I STILL Have to Pray Outside An Abortion Clinic

With 40 Days for Life just around the corner, it was interesting to come across a post by an ex-priest called ‘I Can’t Believe I Once Prayed Outside An Abortion Clinic’.  Whilst the author claims to be morally undecided on the position of abortion, the claims made about life beginning at conception being based on religious belief and not scientific evidence and regret over praying outside a clinic and forcing his beliefs on people, suggest his undecided position is fallacious- just like the arguments he makes in this abhorrent piece.  Let me say this now:

What Now? March for Life The Aftermath!

March for Life UK was great wasn't it? The singing, the cheering, great talks, great atmosphere, great company and sunshine. It was easy for me to wave my pro-life poster in the streets of Birmingham when I had 1000 people in front of me and another 1000 behind. I can't pretend it took much courage, I enjoyed it. The problem is when we go back to our own little corners of the country does the fire begins to fizzle out?

Just because you can..Doesn't mean that you should!

There have been further worrying developments lately in the field of embryo research with British scientists being granted permission to genetically modify human embryos by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.  Lead scientist Dr Kathy Niakan has said that the research could “fundamentally change our understanding of human biology and give hope to prospective parents….if we were to understand the genes, it could really help us improve infertility treatment.”

March for Life UK 2015 – Life from conception – No Exception! – John Smeaton

March for Life UK 2015 – Life from conception – No Exception! – John Smeaton

42 years ago, when I was at university, I read What’s Wrong with Abortion? by Professor Jack Scarisbrick, the founder and chairman of Life. By the end of the first few paragraphs, in which he described the humanity of the unborn child and the numbers of abortions being carried out under the Abortion Act, I had reached the conclusion that legalised abortion was the worst crime in human history and the greatest human rights issue of our day. That remains my position. Continue Reading...