We have Marched for Life, what next?

March for Life has got bigger and better with each passing year.  This year, after outgrowing our hometown of Birmingham (contrary to what the pro-aborts like to say, it simply hasn’t got a public square big enough to accommodate us), we made the bold move to London.

It was with a certain amount of trepidation that we made our preparations this year, as we were very conscious that a move in location and style of event wouldn’t compromise our aims or the character of our pro-life festival and March.

However, we needn’t have worried, as the capital served us well and the day was everything that we could have hoped for.  The event completely fulfilled our aims to raise awareness, unite pro-life groups and to inspire and equip people to become involved in further pro-life work within their own communities.

The morning session which for the first time was held inside the Connaught rooms, delivered educational workshops equipping people to go back into their local community and share the pro-life message.  Every workshop was jam packed with standing room only left!  Downstairs in the Edinburgh suite, it was a joy to see a room continuously packed to capacity, buzzing with every pro-life organisation meeting people, sharing their work, educating people and recruiting future volunteers who share their vision.

The highlight of the day for many was the march to Parliament Square. This year in particular, it felt like a carnival, the atmosphere was electric and as we passed through Whitehall, the street was lined with people filming as we went past.  Our joy was obviously tangible and this along with the excellent key note speakers that addressed the crowds in the Square were a fantastic public witness.

So where next?  After the mountain top experience of a day like March for Life, what should we be focussing upon? Each and every one of us should now be discerning how we can make a difference.  Now is the time to make sure we are marching for life every day.  Now is the time to make sure that we are ready to eloquently defend life in our everyday conversations.  Now is the time to write that letter we’ve been meaning to write about buffer zones to our local MP.  Now is the time to volunteer to join a prayer vigil outside our local abortion facility (whilst we still have the freedom to do so).  Now is the time to seek out other ways to deepen your knowledge and connect with other pro-lifers, go to the SPUC Conferences, sign up for Connect with Life Charity and APS, make sure you are at the Family Life International conference, attend the amazing Clarkson Academy.  Now is the time to discern what special gifts and talents that you have that could be shared and used to further the pro-life cause, are you a writer, a photographer, a good speaker, could you raise money for pro-life organisations?  The list is endless.

For March for Life to get bigger and the pro-life movement to continue to grow and flourish it requires your action. Make sure you share your experience of March for Life with as many people as possible. Don’t let another year go by when you have not been pro-active in creating a culture of life in our country. We are growing, the opposition are scared, we must keep up the momentum!

March for Life daily and make sure you bring at least five friends with you next year!

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