On 27th April we remember the implementation of the Abortion Act in the UK which happened in 1968. The Act was passed the year before on 27th Oct 1967 but it wasn’t until the following April that it actually came into effect. Since then over 9 million children have been legally aborted in the UK.

We don’t want this day to pass by unmarked or unnoticed so here is how you can help ensure this isn’t just another day: Last October we held a public demonstration in London to witness to the lives lost since the Abortion Act was passed. This time we are bringing things closer to home. We are asking you to join us in our work-a-day for life event which will have the effect of both raising valuable, life-saving funds and also providing an opportunity to remind our family, friends, work colleagues and those in our local community what this day means to us and why.

Contact us either by email at info@marchforlife.co.uk or through our website or private message us on social media BEFORE Fri 23rd April and send us your name and land address. We will then send you a wristband with our prolife theme on for this year. We ask that you wear the wristband on Tuesday 27th April (the date of the implementation of the Abortion Act in 1968) as a reminder to yourself and those around you of what happened on that date 53 years ago. 

Use the wristband as a starting point to a conversation as to what abortion really is, the amount of babies that have died through this, the hurt it causes women and men, the risks and complications, and what the alternative is. Get ready to share one or two positive prolife testimonies with a work colleague or housemate who might ask why you are wearing a wristband. Be prepared to explain where women can go to get real help in a crisis pregnancy or if they are suffering after an abortion. If your wristband sparks a discussion then let us know and if you want to include a photo that’s even better. Remember not to get defensive, be aware of your tone of voice and body language and know that you don’t have to win an argument but just lovingly sow a seed.

We also ask that you donate the equivalent of that day’s wages (or whatever you can afford) to help us keep fighting to defend the unborn and educate society about the hurt and damage abortion causes. We will include details of how to donate in your package.

We will be announcing our theme for 2021, which will be written on your wristband, next Friday but you must contact us BEFORE then if you wish to be part of this. Our theme will not only cover the April date but will also be part of our online LifeStream event on 5th June, our actual March for Life UK in Sept and our solemn witness on Oct 27th

Wear your wristband on 27th April – if you are a person of faith this might prompt you to pray for the unborn and their parents on this day. Keep the wristband and wear it again on 5th June while watching LifeStream. Come to London in Sept (exact date tbc) for March for Life UK and wear your wristband then as well as on 27th Oct when the Abortion Act was passed. Or alternatively just put on your wrist on 27th April and keep it on!

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  • Kim Whitaker

    Please send me a wrist band, to promote “work a day for life”
    God bless you in all the work you do in this Fight for life.

  • Jane Lynch

    I love this. You guys totally rock

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