On April 27th 2023 it will be exactly 55 years since the Abortion Act was implemented in the UK. Since then over ten million pre-born children have been denied the freedom to live and millions of women and men have been sold the lie that aborting their child is a solution to their difficulties. We cannot allow this day to pass by like any other day. Even if others forget, we must remember.

March for Life UK will be holding a candlelight vigil on Thursday 27th April at 7.30pm at Westminster Cathedral Piazza (the pedestrian area right outside the front doors of Westminster Cathedral). Please come and join us in prayerfully remembering the lives lost to abortion and all those who have been wounded since the passing of this act.

Please DON’T bring your own candles – we will supply them. We will also supply any posters so please don’t bring any. We will be having a quiet time of prayerful reflection as well as listening to some speeches from religious leaders.

We expect to be finished at around 8.30pm. Although this will be a Christian, prayer filled evening, we welcome those without religious beliefs to join us in a time of peaceful reflection.

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