March for Life UK have some AMAZING PLANS for 2021! Firstly, on Sat June 5th, due to the phenomenal success of last year’s online ‘Lifestream’ we will be holding another similar online event of motivational, entertaining and informative pro-life sessions catering for all age groups. Later in the year, hopefully early September but tbc, we will hold our actual March for Life public witness. We are holding this later than usual so as to avoid being constrained by too many guidelines. This will involve our usual high calibre selection of speakers to ensure we have as much impact as possible. We will share more information on this with you as we move forward. Last October many of you will recall how we commemorated the anniversary of the passing of the Abortion Act with an event around Parliament Square featuring a pro-life volunteer representing each year since the passing of the Act. We will be holding a similar event this October with, hopefully, more volunteers present to ensure this date is not forgotten. To make these events happen, to raise awareness of the hurt and damage abortion causes, to change hearts and minds, to create a culture that values life, we need YOU TO INVEST in our vision. We need to raise a lot of money for these events to take place, please make a donation THIS LENT to aid us with our mission. YOUR MONEY WILL HELP SAVE LIVES. Click the DONATE PAGE LINK below � Thank you so much for your support.

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