My First Time at March for Life UK

I rolled out of bed at 05:30 on the morning of 2 September 2023 to say my prayers and get down to church in time to count a group on to a coach leaving for London. Many of them had attended March [...]

PRESS RELEASE: March for Life UK 2023

Despite a national rail strike the numbers weren’t down at this year’s March for Life. Police estimated that 7,000 pro-life attendees of all ages, including a large contingent of youth, filled [...]

The Wrong People

When I was young I was taken aside and warned against associating with the ‘wrong people’ because “you can tell a man by the company that he keeps.” Being young, and rebellious I believed this to [...]

March for Life UK – ENGAGE

This year at March for Life we’re launching a new initiative and we want as many people as possible to be part of it. It’s called ‘Engage’ and the idea is that instead of just educating we want [...]