Yesterday the Centre for Medical Progress released a preview of another one of those Planned Parenthood videos.  The content was full on shocking, but should not surprise us and even more shocking is the fact that YouTube have censored and removed this video.  I therefore encourage you to read this article and share it on all your social media platforms and with your contacts.


The abortion industry in the UK is a multi-million pound business and it is much greater in the States.  In order to “secure” its business and “safeguard” its profit margins, it cloaks itself in lies and euphemisms and the heart of its work is to dehumanise the unborn child to make abortion more palatable to its target audience.  “A bunch of cells” “The products of conception” “The foetus” etc. etc. etc.  What does this video do?? It exposes not only the lies they tell the public to make sure they hit and exceed their abortion quotas, but also it exposes the absolute barbarity with which they conduct their business. Laughing and joking about eyeballs, brains, spines, limbs and ‘having to work out at the gym to have the strength to pull these little strong ones out of the womb’.  The unborn child sounds very much like a human to us?  What is happening is completely and utterly depraved and we call this “progress”?

When will the world wake up to the reality of abortion?? There was a complete media blackout in secular media around the events at Saturday’s March for Life.  Why?  I would hazard a guess that the truth about the unborn child and reality of abortion doesn’t make for the most comfortable of reading but also the actions and anger of the pro-abortionists was absolutely appalling and does their “cause” no favours. Storming the stage, smashing equipment, performing an artistic expression of an unsafe abortion with coat hangers and smoke bombs in the middle of town, blocking Pigeon Park until police had to forcibly move them back.  It should come as no surprise to us that Youtube have taken the Planned Parenthood video down.  Within hours of being posted, it has been censored and removed.  I wonder why? The truth makes for very uncomfortable viewing when it comes to abortion.

One final point, for as long as money is the bottom line in the abortion industry the unborn child stands no chance and women’s interests are of no concern. The net is closing in on organisations like Planned Parenthood, as the truth is exposed their funds are drying up and history will look back on this moment with shame, horror and disgust for the complete disregard our generation has for the gift of life from conception until its natural end.  The crazy thing is, as we live through this battle, we are the ones who are labelled extremists for believing life starts at conception and is to be valued and protected at all cost. The ironic thing with this video, is that Planned Parenthood not only recognises the humanity of the unborn child but values it in the price tag it puts on the limbs and organs of our unborn brothers and sisters.

Fellow pro-lifers; the truth is on our side, science is our side and we are on the side of the most vulnerable.  Society may try to censor us, pro-abortionists may call us radical extremists but let us rise up with courage and conviction to fight this battle for the unborn but also for all of humanity for our future depends on it.

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