Like many of you, we are very busy at the moment, but if we pull together a bit then so much more could be done. Here are 5 simple things that you could do which would really help our mission at March for Life UK.
1) Could you pray for our work?
It seems there is so much to pray for in our world, our country, in our own personal lives, but could you just take a couple of minutes extra to add our work to your prayers? If all our supporters did this then I’m sure we would feel the graces raining down and we badly need them. Thank you.
2) Could you give out some leaflets?
Our leaflets and posters for this year’s event on Sat 11th May are now ready to distribute. It might seem early but we need to get the message out so people keep the date in their diaries and other events aren’t arranged on the same day as so often happens. Could you share some leaflets at your local church or prayer group? Are you a member of another pro-life group or do you help out with youth who might be interested? Would you be allowed to leave some in your workplace? One leaflet given personally with a friendly word of invitation is worth many more left on a table where they might get covered up the following day by other literature. We can send you posters or leaflets if you get in contact – please help with this.
3) Could you consider becoming a coach leader for your area in 2019?
This might seem daunting but it really needn’t. Feedback from people who have taken on this role in previous years has shown it can be so fruitful and worthwhile. We have a coach-pack which highlights step by step how you can go about this and provides you with all the tools you need including personalised posters for your own local area. We are happy to talk things through with you on the phone if you have any concerns or drop us an email. You could be the one to bring a sense of pro-life community to your town. Help encourage those who maybe aren’t so well formed in their pro-life beliefs or those who might feel nervous about taking the journey alone – this is a great way to make new pro-life friends. Our coach packs can be downloaded from our website or we can post one out to you (this doesn’t commit you to organising a coach so you’ve nothing to lose).
4) Could you share our emails and social media posts with friends/family?
Sometimes we chastise ourselves or criticise others for overusing social media but here is a way to use it for good. I know personally of people who have changed their mind on abortion simply by reading their friend’s social media posts. You don’t have to get into lengthy debates, start by reposting/retweeting details of our event in May and let others know you intend to go. Pass one or two of our emails to a friend as a way of encouraging them to join you on 11th May in London.
5) Could you donate to this cause?
This is always a hard one to ask of people who are often giving very generously to various pro-life and other charitable causes anyway but could you give just a little bit more? We promise to spend it wisely. Running an event like this takes a lot of money – over £55,000 to be frank! London venues don’t come cheaply (and we are hiring two of them this year), then there’s an outdoor stage and sound equipment, travel & accommodation costs for our speakers, security to ensure everything runs smoothly, fees for road closures, advertising and promotion costs and much, much more. Don’t underestimate the impact a public event like this has on the media, the public and on us as a pro-life community. We need to unite – no matter what the cost. Please help us fund this work if you possibly can – we are truly grateful for every penny we receive.
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  • Carina Lloyd

    please send coach pack. Thanks for the excellent work.

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