Are you ready for our online event, LifeStream21 which is happening in two weeks’ time? Here’s a little bit about what to expect so you can choose the parts that you want to tune into or if you just can’t choose then get yourself ready to watch it all!

Fri 4th June 7-10pm is the student/young adult stream. You don’t have to be any particular age to get involved in this session though so if you want something with a bit of punch then join us! This session will include a live presentation from Dr Calum Miller on ‘Abortion and Mental Health’ followed by a Q&A. You can send us any questions you have for Dr Calum now or on the day. We will also be hearing from the lovely Heidi Crowter who will be speaking about basic human rights for those with downs syndrome and her high court battle for equality. 

There will be a live ‘Post-abortion Roundtable Discussion’ involving women and men who have been affected by abortion followed by a live chat with Dr Alveda King to talk about the new filmRoe v Wade’ of which she is executive producer. There will also be a short moving testimony and lastly, you don’t want to miss Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life America. Kristan will talk about this year’s theme ‘Number One Issue’ and will then answer your questions so please start sending some in or you can do that on the day – remember, Kristan likes the challenging ones!

On the morning of Sat 5th June (10am – 12.30) we will be hosting our ‘Pro-life Kids’. This section is for primary school aged children or pre-schoolers and will not actually mention abortion. If your child enjoyed last years ‘Pro-life Kids’ they’ll love this year. We have pro-life sing-a-long, pro-life story-time, pro-life crafts, pro-life games and more. The session will end with a 45 min section for mums and dads. This will be a live roundtable discussion on ‘Raising a Pro-life Family’ involving mums and dads from families of all shapes, sizes and ages. Tune in to this to get a few tips or just to feel some solidarity with other parents who are trying to raise the next generation of pro-lifers.

The general section of LifeStream21 will be on Sat afternoon 2pm – 5.30pm and 7pm – 10pm. These two streams are absolutely packed full of a variety of live inspirational, motivational, fun and educational sessions. Take your pick from two ‘Ask the Leaders’ sessions where leaders from key UK pro-life organisations will meet in our studio to answer your questions. Do you want to know more about what their organisation does? Maybe you have a challenging question relating to abortion or a friend has been asking you something and you’re not sure how best to respond. Maybe it’s something more personal eg what motivates/inspires them or their favourite pro-life experience. Send them all in

There will be an insightful talk from Sue Thayer who exited the abortion industry largely due to her concerns over pills-by-post as well as a testimony from Kevin Duffy who left Marie Stopes feeling disillusioned to then take up pro-life work in the UK. There are also two roundtable discussions in these sections, one is ‘How does the Evangelical/Anglican Church Respond to the Abortion Crisis in the UK’ and the other is ‘How does the Catholic Church Respond to the Abortion Crisis in the UK’. Listen to preachers, pastors, bishops, nuns and priests as they take a serious look the church’s response to this modern day human right’s violation.

For those who want to be entertained we will all be watching ‘The Butterfly Circus’ together which is a short 20 min film starring Nick Vujicic and Eduardo Verastegui. This will be followed by a live chat with actor and producer Eduardo about his pro-life beliefs and how they affect his work and life. There are other short but profoundly moving testimonies that will be shared throughout the afternoon and evening as well as a live catch-up with pro-life Ireland to hear about their plans for the Rally and the challenges they are facing both north and south. Don’t forget our in-house musicians Hermione & Mike who will lift our spirits as always. This will all be brought to you with the assistance of our two incredible MCs, Mads and Christian who will be helping us bring you some exciting announcements!  

Here’s what we need you to do: share this information with your family and friends. Could you put a note in your church bulletin to let others know and/or share some of our posts on social media? Send in your questions relating to anything pro-life, even the provocative ones that your abortion-supporting workmates or uni friends have asked you. Remember we welcome those who support abortion or are on the fence to join us on the day too! You can find out more about our speakers and the full itinerary from our website. If you are someone of faith then please pray for this event and please support us financially in reaching as many people as possible, online events cost too as studio hire and all that comes with it isn’t cheap. Thanks so much and if you believe abortion is the number one issue then join us!!!

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