Are you looking for some interesting, new, digital pro-life content from the UK? Do you want to be educated, motivated, entertained and encouraged on pro-life issues, all from the comfort of your own room? Then make sure your calendar is free on the evenings of 17th, 18th and 19th June so you can tune in to LifeStream22! Starting at 6.00pm each evening we will have a steady stream of pro-life sessions featuring talks, testimonies, discussions and more with speakers from the UK and further afield, hosted by our fantastic MCs, Christina Hogan and James Porter. 
Here is a snapshot of what we have in store for you:

  1. Roundtable discussions including – ‘Digital activism in the pro-life movement’ and ‘Bringing God back into the abortion debate’. 
  2. Meghan and Joseph’s testimony of being pressured to abort their much desired child, Evelyn, who had pioneering surgery in the womb. 
  3. Marie helps us understand how one unhealed abortion can lead to more as she recounts why she had 5 abortions. 
  4. Dr Calum Miller equips us with his apologetics sessions throughout the programme. 
  5. Zachary King, ex-satanist, explains the role of abortion in satanic worship. 
  6. Errol lovingly shares the legacy of his brother, David, who had downs syndrome yet lived well into his 60s. 
  7. Informative discussions and talks on abortion trauma, the connections between abortion and childhood abuse, the symptoms of abortion grief and the real hope for women and men who have been hurt in these ways.  
  8. The overpopulation myth and why this doesn’t justify abortion. 
  9. Find out what’s happening with the pro-life movement in Ireland and America when we chat to other pro-life leaders. 
  10. Brave women highlight the part rape and coercion play in so many abortions by bravely recounting their own journeys towards healing.

All this and much, much more is in store for you as we relaunch our March for Life UK Youtube channel. You can watch all of these either directly on our website, via our Youtube channel, our Facebook page or with our vimeo link. To make sure you don’t miss this, please ensure you subscribe and follow our social channels (by clicking on buttons below) and make sure you’re signed up to our email list (if you’ve received this email from us then you are!) so let your pro-life friends know what they need to do.
For the full itinerary click here so you can know what’s happening and plan your evenings accordingly. Why not ask a couple of pro-life friends over and enjoy the sessions together or encourage a friend or family member who has a different position regarding abortion to watch this with you and use it as a starting point for a conversation. Whether you want to be intellectually stimulated or have your heart moved on this issue, there will be something here to suit your taste. If you want to be better equipped when March for Life comes to London on Saturday 3rd September then get ready to join us virtually on 17th, 18th and 19th June for LifeStream22 where we will be highlighting our theme for this year, ‘10 Million Too Many’!

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