This is a good time to take stock of 2022. There have been some sad moments for the pro-life movement: having pills by post become permanent, more local councils imposing buffer zones around abortion centres and the threat of national buffer zones looming but there have been moments of joy as well, most notably the overturning of Roe v Wade which sent ripples of hope across the world. Here at March for Life UK we want to take the opportunity to reflect on what we have achieved this year and to say thank you because it’s our supporters who’ve helped make it happen. You continue to give us hope that abortion will one day become history.
At the start of the year we got our studio up and running which enabled us to produce LifeStream, an amazing assortment of interviews, testimonies, talks and discussions, all of which can now be viewed in the video library on our website. 

Many of you have helped spread the pro-life message in your towns, homes and parishes by hosting one of our pro-life coffee mornings. If you are interested in putting on one of these in your own area, maybe a Christmas or New Year coffee morning, then check out this page and get in touch. 

Throughout the year we have been blessed to be part of many other pro-life or Christian events and one off initiatives by giving talks, workshops, holding a March for Life stall or a school presentation as well as helping to organise and run Rachel’s Vineyard taster days to assist priests and pastors in better understanding and ministering to those hurt by abortion.
In September we had our largest ever March for Life UK with record numbers flocking to London to join us in saying ’10 Million Too Many’. Here’s a reminder of the big day.

At our annual march we launched ‘Re-Think Abortion’ an outreach programme which can be adapted to very different situations. Well done to those of you who have used these materials to help start a meaningful pro-life conversation. 

On Oct 27th pro-life groups from around the country along with a number of our supporters joined us in Parliament Square commemorating the tragic passing of the Abortion Act. You helped us ensure this date and this figure (10 million) didn’t pass unnoticed or unmarked but instead became an opportunity to spread awareness on the impact of 55 years of legalised abortion.

All this in one year as well of course as our online presence on social media, coupled with our blogs and encouraged by your amazing fundraising efforts from cake sales to sponsored events. We want 2023 to be even more successful. We want to reach more people and share with them the truth about the value of every life. We want more pro-lifers to feel empowered and equipped to speak up about their pro-life beliefs and share them with others. Like one of this year’s attendees at March for Life who told us she’d ‘come out of the closet’ with her pro-life beliefs after returning from March for Life in London and now her friends and family knew where she stood on this issue.

We want every woman to know there is support for her no matter how challenging her circumstances and that includes those who’ve been through an abortion too. Like the woman who attended one of our events and then shared: ‘I managed to talk to someone about my own abortion for the first time at this event and have now started my journey to healing’. 

This can happen but for us to keep growing, we need you to keep investing.

Please donate whatever you can this Christmas to help every precious, irreplaceable baby and mother to know they are truly cherished and loved.

God bless
Ben, Sarah and Isabel

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