We bring you some good news today – the Nupas abortion centre in Stockport where they are holding a 40 Days for Life Campaign has CLOSED!

Volunteers praying there this week received the news from an excited neighbour who himself seemed delighted at the thought of losing the abortuary from his street. Volunteers then went to check the news for themselves by going to the front door and speaking to the office manager. She confirmed the story and said the last abortion had been carried out there on January 25th.They assured her they would pray for her to find work elsewhere for which she thanked them.

In 2020 the local authorities brought in a PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) around MSI abortion centre in Manchester in an attempt to prevent 40 Days for Life pro-lifers offering help and praying there but volunteers simply moved to another centre in Stockport, the Nupas Centre and offered help there instead.

John Marechal who lead the 40 Days for Life campaign in Manchester for almost 10 years died last year aged 89. Around 100 babies were saved from abortion in that time thanks to the grace of God and the amazing volunteers who persisted in these challenging circumstances. John was a big supporter of March for Life UK and would buy group bookings of train tickets to help those around him attend the event in London. He would have been delighted at this incredible news. We unite with pro-lifers in Stockport, Manchester, especially those who continued the legacy of John in working to end abortion – despite it being Lent we hope you celebrate seeing what you have been praying would happen for so long!

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