As I’m sure a lot of you are aware, on 15th May, various amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill are likely be voted on in Parliament (more details below). These could have a big impact on abortion laws in this country so please pray hard and make sure your MP knows how you want them to vote. There is one more thing we’d like you to consider doing – Could you be with us outside Parliament on that day as we stand up for the humanity of preborn children, the healthcare of women and say ‘No to Abortion up to Birth’?

We are joining together with other pro-life groups across the UK who will unite on Parliament Square at 11am. We’d love as many as possible of our supporters to be there as a sign of solidarity. Please join us if you possible can. The nearest tube station is ‘Westminster’. Please don’t bring any posters or banners, these will be provided.

For those of you unsure about what is being voted for on 15th May, here’s a brief explanation. At the moment abortion is generally obtainable up to 24 weeks for most reasons and up to birth for suspected down syndrome or disabilities. There are two positive proposals in the Bill and two negative ones:

MP Caroline Ansell (Conservative) is proposing a positive amendment which would reduce the current time limit for abortions from 24 weeks to 22 weeks. 

MP Liam Fox (Conservative) is proposing a positive amendment which would mean abortion for those with down syndrome is in keeping with the rest of the abortion law rather than being allowed up till birth.

MP Diana Johnson (Labour) is proposing a negative amendment which would in effect mean abortion was decriminalised and so women could self-perform abortions up to birth. 

MP Stella Creasy (Labour) is proposing a negative amendment which would remove key legal deterrents which prevent women from self-performing abortions till birth and would result in sex-selective abortions no longer being illegal in law.

To contact your MP on this matter click this link

Obviously, we at March for Life UK don’t agree with any abortion and believe all abortions (the direct and intentional ending of the preborn child inside the mother) should be illegal. Even the proposed positive amendments don’t go nearly far enough in seeking justice for the preborn child and ensuring good healthcare for women but we appreciate those making steps towards this position. 

Please pray for the current situation in our country and the votes that are likely to happen on May 15th. We can’t do this without God so we ask for His strength, guidance and hope in these challenging times. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 15th if you can possibly make it.

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