Hundreds gathered in Parliament Square on May 15th as the Criminal Justice Bill went to the report stage in Parliament. Pro-life organisations from across the country united under one banner of ‘No, to abortion up to birth!’ and were joined throughout the rally by various MPs including Carla Lockhart, Ian Paisley and Daniel Kawczynski
Four amendments tabled to the bill could dramatically affect the abortion law in the UK. Amendments from MPs Stella Creasy and Diane Johnson could see the introduction of abortions up to birth as well as sex-selective abortions happening at a great risk to the physical and mental health of women and of course with complete disregard to preborn children.
Two of the amendments could potentially limit abortions, with MP Liam Fox asking for babies with down syndrome not to be allowed to be aborted after 24 weeks (in keeping with the rest of the abortion law) and MP Caroline Ansell asking for a reduction in law for abortions generally from 24 weeks to 22 weeks in keeping with improvements for the survival rate of premature babies.
The prolife movement presented a united front. Representatives from these organisations were present in Parliament Square and spoke to the crowd: Abortion Resistance, ADFUK CBRUK, Christian Concern, Citizen Go, The Good Counsel Network, 40 Days for Life, Rachel’s Vineyard, Right to Life, SPUC, Voice for Justice and of course, March for Life UK.
The statement from March for Life UK read as follows:
“The fact that abortions are largely illegal after 24 weeks is something that not only saves the lives of preborn children in later gestation but also helps protect the health, both physically and mentally, of women. We need to take a serious and honest look at the root causes of later term illegal abortions – how are they being enabled? It’s time to remove the smokescreen of counterfeit compassion and look at what really constitutes healthcare.
Abortion providers themselves are dishing out abortion pills through the post, something which is impossible to do in a manner in keeping with the wellbeing of women.
Rather than further liberalising our abortion laws we need to ensure there’s sufficient support for women and couples who are facing challenging pregnancies or who are feeling overwhelmed by parenthood. For those who do break the law, justice doesn’t have to be handed out like a tonne of bricks, it can be administered sensitively and appropriately but no woman should be going through the ordeal of a late term abortion and dealing with the aftermath, particularly in the isolation of her own home which is what will end up happening more frequently if so called ‘decriminalisation’ is enacted. We stand united, We stand firm in saying ‘No, to abortion up to birth!’”
Watch the speeches here:

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