We would like to share with you some good news!
Due to the announcement of a snap election by the prime minister, Parliament is now being dissolved. 

So what does this mean?
As you know we have been campaigning and rallying about the extreme amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill which would allow abortion up to birth for any reason. This was due to be debated and voted on Tuesday 4th June but due to the dissolving of parliament this will no longer happen. 

The response to these extreme amendments by Dianne Johnson and Stella Creasey was incredible, the pro-life movement united together to strategise and take action. MP’s were contacted, awareness was raised through social media, there was a rally in Parliament Square with another one planned and prayer and fasting were offered. 

We are so thankful for your response to this, as ever we can’t do any of this work without your support. 

Is this over now?
Unfortunately the dissolving of Parliament doesn’t make the pro-abortion lobbies go away. We are certain that once a new government is established, Dianne Johnson and Stella Creasey will be doing everything they can to bring this back. 

So, please keep praying about this and when they do come back we will be prepared to fight with everything we have got. 

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