Abortion statistics have been released by the Department of Health and Social Care and they show the highest number of abortions ever recorded in England and Wales, with 252,122 taking place in 2022, an increase of 37,253 (17.34%) from 2021.

Some of the key points that are in the statistics are:

Over the past few years we have seen a huge spike in women having repeat abortions and in 2022 we see another huge increase of 12.46% totalling 102,689.

72 ‘selective termination’ procedures were performed, where a twin, triplet or more were aborted in the womb.

There were 3,124 disability-selective abortions in 2022 and included in that figure 256 of them were late term (24 weeks up until birth).

760 babies with Down’s syndrome were aborted in 2022 and included in that figure 19 were aborted at 24 weeks and over. There were 46 abortions where the baby had a cleft lip or cleft palate, an increase of 15% from 2021.

These figures are absolutely shocking, but they may not paint an accurate overview. Around 90% of abortions in our country are medical abortions and we have now seen two full years of pills by post (at home abortions). The statistics that we see above are for the amount of abortion pills sent out but it doesn’t necessarily mean that each set of these pills have been taken, the truth is that we have no idea how many abortions have really taken place and we know of many occasions where women have told us that they have held onto the pills for days or weeks and then decided to throw them in the bin.

Regardless though of what is truly the correct number of abortions these statistics show that our society is hurting more now than ever before and we must keep on reaching out to those in crisis pregnancy, seeking those who have been affected directly or indirectly by abortion and to March for Life daily.

Please join us 7th September to March for Life in Westminster to raise awareness about the greatest human rights issue of all time and to say Abortion is NOT healthcare! This year is our 10th anniversary and we want 10,000 there so please spread the word and if you can distribute any leaflets then please contact us using the form below.

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