Most of us will have the General Elections on our minds at the moment and hopefully, some will be using it as a reason to tell political leaders their views on abortion. But regardless of the outcome of this particular election we have some tough battles to face on the pro-life front. For this reason, we want the best turnout ever at March for Life 2024 on Saturday September 7th in London when we unite to say ‘Abortion Isn’t Healthcare’. Can you help promote the event to make this happen – please let us know if you can share leaflets in your area.

We need to be sure that our nation sees that a large amount of the population recognise this as an important issue. It’s not merely that we don’t want abortion up to birth but that we DO want every life valued from the moment of conception and every parent to be given the support they need. We want an end to the lies that are peddled to women or couples in difficult circumstances when they are told that abortion is healthcare, that abortion is the responsible choice, that abortion is compassionate. Abortion is all one big lie and it needs to be exposed.

We recently saw the abortion figures released for 2022 in England and Wales, these figures were at their highest ever, 252,122! That’s over a quarter of a million children aborted in just one year! Of course we can’t really be sure of the accurate number because around 90% of these are from abortion pills, many of which will have been sent out through the post and no one knows whether they were taken or not.

Public witness plays an important part in forming the culture to be more respectful of life, in educating those who are confused and in shaming the huge organisations which provide these abortion pills as well as the policy makers who have helped bring in such damaging laws which allow this to happen. March for Life is one of the most impactful pro-life events on the calendar in bringing together the pro-life community to stand united but we need everyone to play a part.

Could you help promote this event in your local area? We have leaflets and posters which are ideal to display in church settings or anywhere else where people might see them. We have a short, two-minute Church talk which we can send out to anyone willing to give it at their church. We also have a newsletter notice and a coach pack which give ideas on how to promote a coach or minibus from where you live so that others can join you on the big day.

If you would consider helping promote this where you live then let us know your name and postal address. Please state if you are a Catholic so we know whether to send out leaflets that include details of Mass or ones without. If you want to discuss what works best for your church/area or how to get a group together then just give Isabel a call on 07773 501721.

Before you start encouraging others to come, please ensure you have marked the day in your calendar and you have arranged your travel as there is no substitute for your presence. So many lead busy lives nowadays and have lots of reasons why it will be challenging to attend but let’s remember the one good reason to make that effort – because every single life matters!

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