Ebow Essel, a pastor at Wessex Christian Fellowship, addressed the crowd at March for Life UK to encourage them in what they were doing. His perspective was also that of soldier, as he explained how, before responding to the call of God to be a minister of Jesus Christ, he had been an infantryman in the British Army.

Ebow’s military training was brought out in his speech as he talked of the rules of engagement which every soldier preparing for war needs to know. He spoke of the ‘Card Alpha’ which every military man or woman is given and how this card details certain instructions on how to engage your enemy. ‘If your enemy surrenders’ said Ebow ‘Card Alpha prevents you from killing them even though that is the enemy who a few moments ago you were fighting against. They are now considered as an innocent life.’ Ebow continued to reiterate ‘You are obligated by law not to take that life. An enemy can be considered as an innocent life.’ Then the comparison was made as the pastor reminded the crowd ‘How much more an unborn baby in the womb who hasn’t killed anyone, who hasn’t threatened anyone’.

Ebow talked of the magnitude of deaths that occur from abortion and posed the thought ‘there should be more people at this event than any other protest’. A plea to leaders in government went out urging them to speak up as Ebow loudly proclaimed ‘We cannot be silent about this genocide’.

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